Awareness Campaign in Saranda

On 10 June, the "Jona Association", part of the Women, Peace and Security Coalition, conducted the awareness raising and lobbying campaign "Youth, Peace and Security" at the University of Saranda with the motto "A Less Weapon, a Lifetime of Life"

Awareness campaign in Vlora

On June 12th, at the University of Vlora, the awareness campaign for Resolution 1325 "Women's Rights From Concept to Albanian Reality", supported by UN Women, FGE, continued.

photo from the awareness campaign in Tirana: No Weapons, Yes Life

Awareness campaign in Tirana


On June 13th, the advocacy campaign at the University of Tirana took place in order to raise awareness of the project of Resolution 1325 "Women's Rights from the Concept in the Albanian Reality" supported by UN Women, and the Gender Equality Fund.

photo. From Awareness campaign in Korça; No Weapons, Yes Life

Awareness campaign in Korça


"Women, Safety, Peace," continued the awareness campaign in Korça University (video).

Albania is a country where weapons are still in the hands of the population, where wounds and murders are a current unresolved problem, security has been rocked serosically not only outside but also within our families, both traditional and modern.

Awareness campaign in Shkodra: "No Weapons, Yes Life"

Awareness campaign, initiated by the coalition "Women, Peace, Security" titled "No Weapons, Yes Life". In the framework of the project "Resolution 1325 - Women's Rights From the Concept to the Albanian Reality" supported by UN Women, and the Gender Equality Fund, the areas of awareness have continued at the University of Shkodra.

Photo: The launch of Albania’s first National Action Plan on UN Security Council resolution 1325 on women, peace and security has already led to more women leaders in the police.

Women, Security and Peace in Annual Report 2018-2019 of UN Women

Under the slogan “Progress and Equality for All”is published the annual report 2018-2019 of UN Women, the Un organization dedicated to gender equality. UN Women’s Executive Director, Phumzile Mlambo- Ngcuka claims that as never before the fight for gender equality and women empowerment has never been better.

Foto nga sesioni informues mbi proçesin e monitorimit të zbatimit të Planit tē Veprimit për Rezolutēn 1325

The informative session for the monitoring process for implementation of the Action Plan, of Resolution 1325

The monitoring process for implementation of the Action Plan, of Resolution 1325, continues ...

The Coalition "Woman, Peace, Security" organized today, on 26 June 2019, together with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, the Information Session on this process.

Awareness and advocacy campaign "Youth, Peace, Security" is launched

Awareness and advocacy campaign "Youth, Peace, Security" has already started.

Awareness Campaign on Resolution 1325, Elbasan

We keep moving with advocacy campaign in Elbasan in  ‘Aleksander Xhuvani’ Universitety. During this meeting, students were informed with the terms of Resolution 1325 and our country approach and implementation. On the other hand, they highly reflected the need that security begins from our home, with less guns and weapons.

Awareness campaign and lobbing for Durrësi youth (alb)

Në një vend ku armët ndodhen ende në duart e popullatës dhe vrasjet e plagosjet prej tyre mbeten një problem ende i pazgjidhur, siguria është e cenuar seriozisht, jo vetëm jashtë, por edhe brenda mureve të shtëpisë. 

Guiding Strategy for the Coalition 'Women, Security and Peace'

On January 28, 2019, the Association of Women with Social Problems, now Association  'Woman, Security and Peace' in the frame of "Re-think Experiment, Solution" Project, supported by UN Women, Gender Equality Fund, organized the following activity in order to discuss the achievements of the Coalition 'Women, Sec

The common vision:"A society that is safe and without conflict through the participation of women and men"

Today, on January 8, 2019, the CSO of the Coalition Women Peace and Security held the meeting in the frame of the Re-think.Solution project financed from UN Woman FGE to support and elaborate the working plan of the Thematic Working Groups, in the premises of DUTCH Hub, Tirana.