The 1-st National Conference

Association of Women with Social Problems in partnership with its strategic partners the Swedish Organization Operation 1325 and AWEN - Albanian Women Empowerment Network with the support of UN Women Fund fo

Workshop with Journalist & Media Actors

Association of Women with Social Problems organized on the 23 of September 2016, the Workshop with Journalist & Media Actors. This activity gathered together journalist & media actors to present and communicate regarding the Resolution 1325 and women in decision making and their enforcement through the organization of workshops for capac

Second Coordination Workshop

Aiming at strengthening the national and local system and mechanism in the achievement of UNSCR 1325 goals, AWSP organized on the 22 September 2016, the second coordination meeting in close collaboration with its Strategic Partner Operation 1325, in the fra

Capacity Building Training in the District of Tirana

In the premises of the District Council of Tirana, was organized on the 21 September 2016, the last capacity building training. This activity was also welcomed by the mayor of the district of Tirana, Mr.Aldrin Dalipi. In this meeting were part representatives of the municipalites which fell under the district of Tirana, NGOs.