1. The Project "Social Center for Women and Girls" funded by AWEN & Sida

The project "Social Center for Women and Girls", funded by AWEN & SIDA, in the eight  year of its implementation aims at promoting and protecting women's rights in the Municipality of Durres as well as providing direct psychological and legal services. Support and provision of services to victims of domestic violence has been launched by the NPA-funded "Women and Girls Counseling Center" in 2001 and has continued year after year with support from Kvina Till Kvina and more recently from AWEN & SIDA.

Through this project, the Association "Woman, Peace, Security" aims to protect women and girls victims of domestic or gender-based violence by providing them with psychosocial support and direct services to the justice system. Their needs are also addressed at meetings of the Domestic Violence Referral Mechanism to provide the necessary services in managing cases of domestic violence victims.

The direct beneficiaries of the project are girls and women victims of domestic violence, divorced women, women with socio-economic problems, women and girls living in rural areas, as well as communities living in difficult socio-economic conditions. Other beneficiaries of the project are boys and men attending awareness raising meetings, representatives from institutions that are part of the Domestic Violence Referral Mechanism, as well as representatives of state and non-state structures dealing with women's rights.

2. Statistical data
The project "Social Center for Women and Girls" is a project that has been implemented by AWEN & SIDA  funded by AGPS  for 8 years. During these years, the project has assisted with legal and psychological services, around 1899 cases. These cases have received psychological services such as counseling, psychological evaluations as well as psychosocial expertise in divorce cases. They have also benefited from legal services including legal counseling, lawsuit compilation and other case-by-case requests, court and prosecutor representations. During the last nine years the USSR has assisted approximately 2516 cases.

The Purpose of the project is to provide legal and psychological counseling services, to provide protection and support to girls and women who are victims of domestic violence or other social problems, and also providing guidance and information to anyone seeking assistance near the center. AGPS provides needs-based services for each case, helping their empowerment to combat abuse as well as targeting them to solve other problems.
3. Services provided by AGPS
1.     Support for battered women and girls with direct assistance:
Services at the center are provided by trained and specialized staff with experience in the field. Services are offered in the form of psychological counseling through telephone lines, face-to-face counseling with women and girls. Emotional support, legal counseling, and decision-making orientation are offered daily from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Trauma interventions for children and women and girls, victims of domestic violence, have been important in helping them reintegrate into society, gain confidence and function independently. Also, through the provision of legal services, the staff has helped the beneficiaries to be informed, feel more secure and protected.
2. Advice from the psychologist center  in the Administrative Unit 1 (once) a month:
The novelty of this project provides free psychological counseling even in the Administrative Unit - 1 (once) a month, where our psychologist travels to meet women.
3. Awareness campaign in six administrative units (Manza, Katund i Ri, Sukth, Rrashbull, Shkozet, Spitalle / Porto-Romano) with women, girls, boys and men, with the topic of Law changes no. 9669, dated 18.12.2006 "On measures against violence in family relations" and Law No.111 / 2017 "On Legal Assistance Guaranteed by the State".
4. Training for key groups in local government and lobbying with women members of the Durres Municipal Council.
5. Trainings on "Institutional Cooperation for Strengthening the Domestic Violence Referral Mechanism".

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