Activity: Coalition Capacity Building of Civil Society Organizations "Women, Peace and Security" organized in the framework of the Project: "Resolution 1325 - Women's Rights From Concept to Albanian Reality", supported by UN Women / FGE .

This activity aims to further promote co-operation and partnership between the security sector and civil society, creating conditions for rigorous implementation of this instrument and relevant measures regarding the protection of women's rights in Albania.

Date: On Thursday, 06 September 2018, at the premises of the Hotel Tirana International

Through this training, participants were able to gain more knowledge on the agenda of "Women, Peace and Security" in the Albanian context of some other Balkan countries. The reason for the existence of Resolution 1325 was emphasized because it deals with the impact of war and conflict on women; Ensures the best participation of women in public life; enables the greatest role of women in resolving conflict and peace; ensures that women are active agents for preventing and resolving conflict and peace. Each of the mandates of the Resolution is linked to one of the four fundamental pillars: participation, protection, prevention, recovery and relief.

The discussion among the participants focused on the importance of the Women, Peace and Security Coalition to push forward the GPS agenda at the country level by signing the NAP by the government. This process helps identify priorities and resources, defining their responsibilities, and engaging government to adopt the Action Plan as an important element for implementing Resolution 1325.

A very important part of the training agenda was the discussion among the participants on the creation of the coalition secretariat to provide support to facilitate the work and objectives of the Coalition, as well as to provide basic background thinking and broad strategic direction. It will consist of 3 persons, as follows: Coalition Chairperson, Coalition Coordinator and Administrative Coalition Assistant.

Finally, the focus was on drafting a common list of rules to ensure the good functioning of the Coalition to ensure transparency and democracy among the membership of coalition NGOs.