Activity: The role of the Coalition of Civil Society Organizations "Women, Peace and Security", organized under the Project: "Resolution 1325 - Women's Rights from Concept to Albanian Reality" supported by UN Women / FGE.

Objective: Co-operation in strengthening state capacities and monitoring the implementation of the Inter-Institutional Action Plan for United Nations Security Council Resolution 1235, Women Peace and Security

This activity aims to further promote co-operation and partnership between the security sector and civil society, creating conditions for rigorous implementation of this instrument as well as relevant measures regarding the protection of women's rights in Albania.

Date: July 11, 2018, in the premises of Hotel Tirana International

Training started with a vision on Women, Peace and Security in the international context, encouraging and encouraging some discussion among participants on various issues for Women, Peace and Security in the context of the country.

Through interactive interactivity during the training, participants were able to obtain sufficient information and knowledge such as: Resolution 1325: The main engagement of the resolution; the main purpose, national action plans approved by different governments, in total 74 or 38% of EU accession countries, including information on their budgets; regional actions; critical issues; empowerment of women as police factors through educational programs and financial support; awareness raising campaigns, legal framework, administrative practice; better prevention than cure of conflict, considering education as very essential here.

Resolution 1325 "Women, Peace and Security" today is very important because it directly affects the engagement of women in peace and security and the education system is linked to peace and security. Also an appropriate environment for peace and security affects issues such as education, corruption, administration instability, lack of meritocracy systems, excessive bureaucracy, a system of problems of justice, public verbal communication and the definition of the media in general.

Comments from different ministries on the draft NAP document as well as some, updates were suggested by the participants.

The current 5 issues of the "Women, Peace and Security" agenda were part of the working group discussion of the participating organizations:

• Patriarchy, inequality and violent masculinity,

• Militarism,

• Social, economic and ecological alienation,

• Fear, Polarization and fragmentation,

• Lack of effective enforcement and accountability mechanisms,

Issues related to Women, Peace and Security (WPS) in the country context were identified as follows:

• To spend more money on peace activities,

• Advocacy and lobbying in the government to sign the NAP,

• Supporting the successful implementation of the NAP,

• Community awareness on Women, Peace and Security,

• TOT for Community Education for Women, Peace and Security.