"AWPS", attended this workshop, and shared among other things the news of the adoption of the National Action Plan for the Implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 " On Women, Peace and Security ', 2018-2020, in the design of which AWPS was an important actor, along with the Coalition for Resolution 1325. The workshop consisted in solving our innovative creativity and abilities. Learn about different approaches to social innovations and resources. It is all about to “let's work together to create innovative and effective solutions”.

3 Main Priorities were treated:

How to design and develop capacity building and advocacy campaigns more effectively to achieve our goals.

How to identify patterns, social limitations, positive attitudes to the community or target audience?

How to bring innovation to our daily work?


What is Social Innovation?

Social innovation is the process of development and the establishment of effective solutions to challenging and often systematic social and environmental issues in supporting social progress. It is not privileged for any organizational or common structure. Solutions often require effective co-operation of voters across the government, business and the non-profit world. Social innovation implies the development of new ideas, services and models to better address social issues. It provides data from public and private actors, including civil society, to improve social services.